The Role of Copper

Electrification is Coming

The modern world is moving away from fossil fuels to cleaner sources of energy and this is expected to greatly increase the demand for copper. Electric Vehicles (EVs), renewable energy and electric storage all use large amounts of copper. Due to copper’s unique properties, it is an excellent conductor of electricity and can be easily made into flexible wires required in the manufacturing of mobile phones, heating, green technology, infrastructure and 5G.

Global Shift to Urbanization Requires More Copper

Urbanization and improving standards of living are occurring globally. Initially, Asia was the centre of growth, now Africa and other parts of the world are urbanizing.  As populations grow so does the requirement for copper which is needed for transportation, infrastructure and communication technologies. Additionally, copper is also essential to plumbing, heating and electrical wiring, and research shows as the wealth of a household increases so does the use of copper in that house.

Renewables Need More Copper

Renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels, require up to six times more copper than fossil fuels. Additionally, more copper is then needed for energy storage and to connect these sources to the grid. Government policies are driving the requirement for renewable energy which consequently drives increased copper use.

Copper is Harder to Find and Develop

New large copper discoveries are becoming more difficult to identify, at a time when the world is expanding it use of, and need for, copper. This means that mineral extractions companies are having to explore in areas where it is increasingly difficult to operate. Additionally, many of the large, exposed copper deposits have already been mined for decades with copper grades also continuing to decline.

Chile is the world’s largest producer of copper – providing approximately 30% of the world’s copper supply.


Los Andes Copper is one of the largest, unrecognised copper deposits in Chile that is not controlled by a major mining company. A team of experienced senior engineers, who have worked for large copper companies, have patiently assembled the land package and outlined a responsible and sustainable way to extract copper at the Los Andes’ Vizcachitas Project. There is a significant amount of copper already known at Vizcachitas – 13 billion pounds of copper.

The next steps to bring this copper to the market are very exciting. Drilling to find the limits of the deposit is ongoing and detailed engineering is underway.

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