Environmental and Permitting

For the drilling associated with the Pre-Feasibility Study an Environmental Impact Statement (DIA) must be approved. For the construction and operation of the mine an Environmental Impact Study (EIA) must be completed

Environmental Impact Statement (DIA)

The Environmental Impact Statement for the required drilling to complete the Pre-Feasibility Study, is currently underway. This permit will cover further exploration drilling and any other drilling that the Project may require as its development advances with up to 350 drill holes to be completed on up to 124 platforms over the next four years.

The Company recently conducted a Public Participation Process in connection with the DIA and expects to respond to comments and questions raised during this process by March 13, 2021. Once this process is completed, the environmental permit application should be submitted for voting by the Regional Environmental Committee during March/April 2021.

Environmental Impact Study (EIA)

  • Required for approval of the construction and operation of the mine.
  • This is a comprehensive study including multiple baseline studies and detailed design specifications of key project elements and community participation activities.
  • Current work underway includes the identification of environmentally sensitive areas to be avoided during project design, seasonal environmental baseline work and the implementation of the river monitoring stations for hydrology and water quality baseline studies.
  • Additional impact studies and baseline work (air quality, paleontological, archeological, etc.) will be required once the Project is further defined.
  • The preparation of the EIA approval package lasts 15-18 months.
  • While variable, the approval process once filed can last 12-15 months.
  • Once the approval has been granted, multiple sectoral permits need to be processed. Approval of the EIA covers the environmental approval of these permits but the processing is still required.
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