Environmental and Permitting

Approval of the 2018 Environmental Impact Statement (DIA)

Successful approval of the DIA for all the drilling carried out on the Company’s Vizcachitas project during 2015-2017 (the “Drilling Campaign”).

Unanimous approval by regional environmental commission is a substantial endorsement for the project going forward and shows that special care being given to environmental and social matters

Environmental Impact Statement (DIA)

  • Required to carry out further infill, metallurgical and condemnation drilling
  • DIA filed in May 2019. Approval process should finalize in October 2019

Environmental Impact Study (EIA)

  • Required for approval of the construction and operation of the mine.
  • A comprehensive study including multiple baseline studies and detailed design specifications of key project elements and community participation activities.
  • The preparation of the EIA approval package lasts 15-18 months.
  • While variable, the approval process once filed can last 12-15 months.
  • Once the approval has been granted, multiple sectoral permits need to be processed. Approval of the EIA covers the environmental approval of these permits but the processing is still required.
  • Los Andes Copper estimates that this approval, including the sectoral permits, may be finalized by the end of 2022.
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