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The Vizcachitas project is located approximately 150 km northeast of Santiago, in the Rio Rocin Valley, 46 km from the town of Putaendo in an area with good infrastructure and available water.

Access is by 134 km of paved highway northeast from Santiago to the village of Los Patos, followed by 26 km of unpaved road. The Vizcachitas camp is located at an elevation of 1950m above mean sea level (AMSL), and the site elevation is in the range of 1900m to 2400m AMSL.

The concentrate port of Ventanas is located at approximately 180 kms from the project site. A railway line currently servicing Codelco’s concentrate shipments runs through San Felipe, a city located at a road distance of 60 km from the project site. From San Felipe to the Ventanas port the railway line has an approximate distance of 120 km.

Along the railway line from San Felipe to the Ventanas port ther are two smelters. The Ventanas copper semtler owned by Codelco is located beside the port. The Chagres smelter, owned by Anglo American plc, is located along the railway line approximately 25 km from San Felipe.

The Central Power Grid (SIC) can be accessed at the 220-kv substation of Nogales, located approximately 105 km from the project site. Additionally, there are 110-kv substations connecting to the SIC closer to the project site.

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